Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

Why hire a family photographer?

One day these photos will be all they have

As mamas, we're always behind the camera. We have hundreds- if not thousands- of photos of our kids on our phones, and yet almost none of us doing life with them. We know they grow up fast, so we snap pictures to keep these memories alive... but all of these memories don't include you. One day those photos will be all your kids have to remember you by. My goal is that when your children look back on their childhood photos, they see you too!

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Family & Motherhood Photographer

Hi, my name is




I'm the oldest of six kids.

My husband is also the oldest of six.

It's no surprise, then, that we now have six kids of our own.

We've called Michigan "home" for the last 5 1/5 years, and currently reside on a small homestead with a couple milk goats, a dog, and lots of barn cats.

Homeschooling, homemaking, and homesteading take up the majority of my time. But when I'm not busy at one of those you can often find me with a camera in my hand, documenting our perfectly imperfect life.

Motherhood, Family, and Children Photography

I specialize in family, motherhood, and children photography

I began my photography journey by photographing my younger siblings, and I've found that it has given me a unique vantage point because I can uniquely see just how quickly they grew up; how quickly they changed; how quickly life flies by.

It's cliche because it's true. Time flies.

Now that I'm a mom, I want to capture every memory and moment with my children... and I want to do the same for you!

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Kind Words

Laura is an AMAZING photographer. She directed us clearly, made us feel totally comfortable in front of the camera, and even was sure to shoot from my self-proclaimed "best side!"

She so helpfully fixed my ridiculous bangs every time the wind blew them the wrong way. We laughed with her the entire time and she went right along with my goofy family's goofy pose suggestions!

I couldn't believe how many gorgeous photos we got just spending 10 minutes with Laura. Absolutely phenomenal job!

Jesse & Clara

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