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Product Photos for Small Shops

Improve sales through eye-catching listing photos



Flat Lay


Welcome, Small Shop Owners!

I'm Laura, an avid creative and strong believer in bringing back small, local businesses. I love helping small shop owners like yourself create eye-catching, scroll-stopping images that attract customers and bring in more sales!

I offer both flat-lay and modeled photos, great for site listings as well as social media posts.

My goal is to use my 14+ years of photography experience to help you gain traction in the online world of commerce. I can't wait to work with you!

Editing Styles

I offer a wide range of editing styles, including true-to-life, dark and moody, and light and airy, in order to make your new product photos match the aesthetic of your business's brand! You can see a sampling of my work below.


Dark & Moody

Bright & Airy



Amy, Ink & Fiber
Julie, Little Girl's Pearls
Amy, Ink & Fiber
Julie, Little Girl's Pearls

"Oh my gosh, I just opened [my gallery] and am in love! Thank you so much! You matched my vision so perfectly!"

Amy, Ink & Fiber
Julie, Little Girl's Pearls

"Oh.My.Goodness. BEAUTIFUL! You made me cry. They are absolutely wonderful. THANK YOU!!!!"


The Process


Let's talk!

After you've taken a look around and decided you'd be interested in working with me, reach out to get the conversation rolling. I'll send you a questionnaire to help me figure out the scope of your project, and if I'm a good fit to bring your vision to life.


Sign the Contract

If we decide to move forward together with the project, I'll send over a contract that we both sign, clarifying all expectations and solidifying the project.


Ship Your Item(s)

A boring but necessary step. lol

Once your items are shipped, I'll be keeping a keen eye on the post, eagerly away the shipment to be placed in my mail box.


My Turn

This is when the magic happens! When I receive your product, I will set up my studio to reflect your vision for the photos, and then shoot and edit gorgeous, scroll-stopping images for your gallery!


Receive your Gallery

Now for the fun part! I'll send over your completed gallery for inspection, and then you get to choose your favorites.



After you've selected your favorites, you'll be able to download the pre-agreed number of images with the option to purchase more.


Post & Share

Use your brand new photos for social media posts, product listings, branding materials, and more. The possibilities for use are endless!

Ready to work with me? Let's get started!