The Session in Which I Almost Died Laughing

Meet Jesse and Clara, along with their adorable little boy, Peter. These two are such a bomb couple, and absolutely hysterical. When I say I couldn't stop laughing during this session, I mean it! My belly ached from laughing so hard, and my cheeks felt like they were going to split my face in half as these two joked and goofed off for our 10-minute mini session (that turned into 20 minutes before I even noticed!).

They also happen to make really cute kids, at least if Peter is a good representation of what their future children will look like. 😜 This charming doll-baby has such gorgeous big blue eyes and the sweetest ginger hair. Basically, a complete heartthrob. 🥰

Enough of my gabbing, just take a look at this beautiful family for yourself!