How it Started

Kaylee originally found me when I was marketing my original breastfeeding sessions, and when she asked about booking a family session I was stoked, but also slightly apprehensive because starting a photography business in a new area is intimidating. And as an introvert, meeting new people can be overwhelming... so I had no idea what to expect.

When my daughter and I arrived at the session, we found them putting shoes on their girls and I immediately bonded with them over the fact that my kids never keep shoes on their feet. 😂 And that was just the beginning! I learned that Travis is a dairy farmer, Kaylee stays home with their 4 kids, they live out in the country, and honestly we have a lot in common!

By the time the session ended, we felt like we'd known each other a long time. Their little girls grew more comfortable around me and my camera, Kaylee and I talked about every topic under the sun, and we promptly decided that play dates were definitely in our future. ☺️

But enough gabbing, I can't wait for you to see these beautiful images of this gorgeous family!!