Riverlee's Cake Smash

I was so excited when Riverlee's mama asked me to photograph her farm-themed cake smash and one-year pictures! We did the session on Riverlee's great-grandfather's farm, which made it even more special. ❤️ Surrounded by family, tractors, and chickens... it was the perfect session!

There was a bit of a heart-stopping moment for me at the beginning of the session, because it had rained all morning, and the high, warm humidity made my lens fog up really badly. I had to stand around awkwardly saying, "just a minute, guys, I've got to let my lens get adjusted to the humidity." So. Awkward.

Thankfully, everybody was super understanding, and we were able to get started rather quicker than I had anticipated (although it felt like eternity at the time 😂).

I can't wait for you to see these sweet pictures of this beautiful baby girl! So enough talking, now on to the photos...