Hi, I'm Laura

Christian. Wife. Mom x6. Photographer.

As a camera-shy introvert, I know what it feels like to duck and run away every time a camera is pointed my direction. That's why I am uniquely gifted in helping my fellow awkward-in-front-of-cameras people become comfortable during their photo session-- and even have a blast while they're at it!

If this resonates with you, let's talk! I would be honored to document your life in the most non-intrusive way possible... AND help you have FUN in the process!!

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getting in your kids' childhood photos is so important

Why Hire a Motherhood Photographer?

Let's face it, everyone has a decent camera in their pockets today. Moms have thousands of photos of their kids (often with dad included), yet most moms have few-to-no images of themselves with their kids. This is a problem!

Moms, when your kids look back on their childhood photos, make sure they see you, too!


Playing. Baking. Teaching. Making memories.

These are the images that are going to mean the most to them as adults, and that they'll want to pass down for generations.

"Mamas, my goal is that when your kids look back on their childhood photos, they see you too."

-Laura Ohlman-

The Team

I (Laura) couldn't do everything I do without the help of my awesome team! My incredible husband, Joshua, is really the brains behind this entire business. He's the one who has insisted countless times that my photography is worth paying for, and encouraged me to start charging. He's also the backbone of our family, keeping things running with all 5 kids while I'm out shooting sessions and editing late into the night.

My sister, Bonita, has been a dependable and wonderful second shooter for multiple weddings, and we can't wait to shoot more together in the future! Our sister-telepathy makes working together so easy and fun! If you ever see us shoot a wedding together, you'll notice that we don't have to talk much... gestures and facial expressions seem to do the trick for us to figure out what we're trying to communicate. 😂

Laura Ohlman

photographer, Owner

Joshua Ohman

CFO, co-owner

Bonita Camp

Second shooter
Kind Words

Laura is an AMAZING photographer. She directed us clearly, made us feel totally comfortable in front of the camera, and even was sure to shoot from my self-proclaimed "best side!"

She so helpfully fixed my ridiculous bangs every time the wind blew them the wrong way. We laughed with her the entire time and she went right along with my goofy family's goofy pose suggestions!

I couldn't believe how many gorgeous photos we got just spending 10 minutes with Laura. Absolutely phenomenal job!

Jesse & Clara

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