How It Started

"Do you have the equipment to take a close up photo from fairly far away?"

This was the text that started it all.

I'll admit that I was puzzled when I first read this message from my sister, since she doesn't usually care what gear I own. 😂 But when she explained that she needed someone to photograph a surprise proposal, I literally squealed! Photographing a proposal has been on my bucket list for years, so you better believe that was the fastest "yes!" I've ever said to a photography session.

I arrived as set-up was happening, and got to help with a bit of the behind-the-scenes. Once we were all done we sat around and waited nervously for the text to let us know to get out of there (we couldn't leave beforehand because the lights needed to be turned on when they were heading our way, since the battery wouldn't have lasted an indeterminate amount of time).

My sister kept checking her phone for any updates and once semi-jokingly mentioned "what if they never send the text and just show up over the brow of that hill." We chuckled, but kept glancing around nervously.

She Said Yes!

"Oh shoot, that's them."

My sister jumped up and flew to turn on the lights, then just meandered away-- in plain sight of everything. 🙈 I could tell Josh & Lauren were laughing but kept my head down, hoping the brim of my ball cap would keep me from being recognized. My hope was that I'd be viewed as a random hiker taking a break. It kind of worked... until they got closer and Lauren got a good look at me. 😂

In spite of the confusion, the proposal went off without a hitch, and she said yes! That's the important part, amiright?? 😉

After the proposal, we spent a bit getting engagement shots and it was so much fun! Josh and Lauren are absolute models in front of the camera. They made my job easy! 😉

It was getting fairly dark in the woods by the time we got done, but we had plenty of images before we had to quit.

A Bucket List Item, Checked Off

I am sincerely so grateful for the opportunity to be able to capture the love between Josh and Lauren, and the beginning of their life as an engaged couple! And now I get to check off "surprise proposal" off my bucket list, too. 👌🏼